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The birth of a child is always a great pleasure. But this joy is often accompanied by a feeling of "intense responsibility", sometimes a source of stress, and sometimes of real worries.
Whether for educational questions, hygiene of life of the baby and / or the mother, or pure medical reasons, you deserve for your well being and that of your family, a specific accompaniment, taking into account the conditions of birth, health, and development of your child, but also your thoughts, choices and orientations of parents.
Our consultations for 0-4 year olds are particularly careful to respect the symbiosis of these different parameters.


Vaccines have been the best known and safest way to induce reliable and protective immunity against many diseases for several decades.
In recent years, the effectiveness, reliability, and even the need for vaccines has often been questioned.
Before the age of 2 months of your child (date of the first recommended vaccines), we offer a consultation explaining the recommended vaccination program in Switzerland, the risks, the benefits and the possible side effects of the vaccines, in order to decide on a enlightened way of specific protection for your child.

Pediatric Gastroenterolgia

Diseases affecting the digestive tract or liver of children especially between 0 and 10 years of age are different from that of adults.
Likewise, children's nutritional problems are specific and often have an impact on children's growth, unlike adults.
Therefore, their care requires specific knowledge and experience with an approach suitable for children both in investigations, and in the different treatments offered.

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